What is the Delta Salary Cap for AMT’s. I can’t find a straight answer online.

2021.12.09 06:48 JizzChugger What is the Delta Salary Cap for AMT’s. I can’t find a straight answer online.

Is anyone here at Delta? If so please share what you know about their salary cap.
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2021.12.09 06:48 gmb360 Do you create/use minifigures for all NPCs or only when battle situations emerge ?

So I have been DMing for around 4 months and from the beginning started to use minifigures to represent the PCs in battle scenarios as well as the NPCs.
I mostly used the minifigures for battle situations, mainly because I wanted the PCs to imagine normal NPCs in their head rather than just seeing a minifigure.
I just thought it would be interesting to see how other people do it. I for example now only create minifigures for my campaign that could come into a battle scenario with the PCs. Worst case scenario I create minifigures on the spot :)
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2021.12.09 06:48 CommunicationOld1497 Open for potential friends / writing partner [25F]

Hello, 👋
I am 25F who love learning new cultures and languages. Now I am trying to learn Finnish. I see the country are interesting culture especially attractions.
My other interests: Music, travelling, movie, business, history
What you will get: Good listener Friendship
Shorterm is OK I am looking forward to hear from you :-) Not for nfsw🚫
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2021.12.09 06:48 CharginChuck42 My eBay/Black Friday haul for November.

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2021.12.09 06:48 ondysss Quick question how is the best cpu for socket 1151? Now i have i5-6500 skylake and gpu gtx 1060 6gb and i need upgrade for my cpu pls help me🙏

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2021.12.09 06:48 rebysds Battle Pass slow leveling

Hi Guys,
I am new to this game, installed it week ago. When this new season started, I bought Battle Pass. Played yesterday around 15-20 games, and today around 5 games. But Battle Pass is leveling so slowly. What is the actual pace of leveling. Also do you have any advice how to level faster?

Thank you all in advance!
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2021.12.09 06:48 Snoo-81723 Since the pandemic started...

Since the pandemic started and everyone started washing their hands, the peanuts in the bars have a completely different flavor.
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2021.12.09 06:48 sosouthernsoundkits @Xscar - Insidious Drill Drum Kit

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2021.12.09 06:48 Theresapython Is there a camera on her right? Is that why she is smirking at it in all pics? Or is she just looking at the scoreboard and smirking and making sexy-candid, wannabe-tennis-fan, Serena-stan, concerned-best-pal faces? Even while hugging the $70Mn man, she can’t stop looking directly at the camera!!! 🤯

Is there a camera on her right? Is that why she is smirking at it in all pics? Or is she just looking at the scoreboard and smirking and making sexy-candid, wannabe-tennis-fan, Serena-stan, concerned-best-pal faces? Even while hugging the $70Mn man, she can’t stop looking directly at the camera!!! 🤯 submitted by Theresapython to SaintMeghanMarkle [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 06:48 Taniguchie RIP Dusty Hill💔💔💔

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2021.12.09 06:48 crystallize1 Celestial Milestones for An Earthly History Of The Mankind

Nikolai Morozov, April 27, 1924
The Christ ("History of the mankind in the light of the natural science")
Volume I: Celestial Milestones for An Earthly History Of The Mankind INTRODUCTION Main difficulty in translating monuments of an alien life into our language is about finding such words that would cause in your readers the same ideas that author, who was writing them long ago, had, and that is very difficult sometimes. For example let's take a word "forest" in different languages. For an Eskimo it causes an idea of firtrees gathered in some, the same locality, for an Egyptian and an Aravian - an idea of palmtree gathering, for an Italian - idea of gathering of oaks and other deciduous trees.
All these ideas are absolutely different so in translation, if you want the figure appearing for your reader when he’s reading a word forest to be the same that an author of a certain story had, then you have to speak definitively: in an Eskimo story you have to write “firtree forest”, in Egyptian story: “palmtree forest” etc.
In the exact same manner a word tree like a word house and a word fence have different meaning in different languages depending on what the most common trees there are and with what kind of material and according to what kind of plan houses and fences are built there usually. With a simple story we never notice how we are putting our own images instead of images of the author, but in a case of using such words as symbols or allegories this can confound us and this is so important that you won’t understand anything in an allegory without a definitive term if you aren’t living in the same generation and the same locality or don’t know their features.
For example, such is a biblical story how there were two trees growing in the Heaven: a tree of Life and a tree of Knowledge. The meaning of this story can only be explained if you’ll imagine them in a Egyptian way like a couple of slim palmtrees with an umbrella shape of pinnate leafs coming down from their top. It’s like they’ve grown out of the same fruit and they’ve grown together at their bottom and at their root, meanwhile their tops have tilted from each other by 23 and ½ degrees. The first tree would symbolize Earth axis that is defining the current of the day with its rotation and that is imagined as a trunk of the palmtree growing on the North pole of the Earth. From the top of this palmtree, sky meridians with pinnate branches of parallels are coming down like an umbrella. The second palmtree, geocentrically imagined in the same place, is like an ecliptical axis grown together with the first palmtree at its bottom, it is defining the current of the year and it is tilted towards the first palmtree (just like I said before) by 23 ½, also with the same umbrella of meridians and parallels and with a snake that built its nest among them (constellation of the Dragon now). It is called the tree (i.e. palmtree) of Knowledge because its discovery gave the ancients a possibility to foretold celestial phenomena for the first time whereby people have become like the gods foreseeing the coming good and evil from the flow of the planets. Hence the beginning of an astrology.
Without these ideas about “the tree” you would never figure out for youself neither a place of an origin of this legend or its symbolism. But after assimilating these ideas you would understand right away how come Adam and Eva are standing under the first palmtree on the astrological sky maps, portrayed as Cepheus and Cassiopea, how come serpent Tempter is sitting on top of the second palmtree portrayed as the constellation of the Dragon, and how come it is said here that one of these palmtrees “bear its fuits 12 times a year, its own special fruit every month”. In the same fashion, if you would stick with our modern idea of the sky as a bottomless space where stars appear and disappear here and there, you wouldn't be able to understand that excerpt from "The deeds of The Apostles" where it says for example about a tablecloth which came down from the sky to the apostle Peter and how it was populated with strange beasts he was bidden to eat. But knowing how the sky according to ideas of the ancients was a dome covered with a blue tablecloth with images of two Ursas, a Scorpio, a Capricorn, Dragons, Snakes and other different animals on it, you would understand right away that the matter is a commandment for Peter to engage in an astrology, with a note that he should not consider pagan something that was cleaned by father-god himself.
And what about a legend how gospel "teacher" fed (it is especially noted how he "looked in the skies", Mark, 6,21) his five thousand listeners with two fish and five (or in other variant: seven) breads?
Of course you can still find these two fish where he was "looking" to, i.e. in the sky. This is the constellation of two Pisces. But where are these breads in there that 12 wicker baskets could still be filled with after all the listeners ate until they were full?
As long as we imagine an ancient kind of bread (άρτος) as modern brides and an ancient wicker baskets (χοφίνους) as modern baskets, then of course we wouldn’t be able to understand anything here too. But let’s just recall church prosphora, these relics of elder times’ form of bread and then we would imagine easily how they symbolize (as “breads of an offering to a father-god”) five (or seven according to different variant) planets here, and 12 wicker baskets are understood as 12 zodiacal signs covered with coordinate grid just like covered with wicker baskets. The matter here is an astrological lecture about the gathering of seven planets in the constellation of “Two Fishes”, and later (in the following volumes) I will show you the year and the day when this combination occurred.
The teaching about the spirits have been evolving since the most ancient times in exact same way.
Its initial sources were different scents so spirits were also classified as pure (gathering around a blooming rose for example) and impure, flying above night-soil or coming inside infestinal ways of intemperate people and causing pain there. This is the only viewpoint for you to imagine gospel “healer” exorting them out of people as a legend about his medical skill.
In the exact same way, you wouldn’t get a clear idea of a word “Christ” in the title of this book if you wouldn’t always remember how it initially meant: “anointed”, ”dedicant”. We have shortened it into ”priest” and gave it a one-party meaning of an ordination exclusively, while it initially meant a regular royal power because in the ancient period of Christianity kings as the ones anointed for a reign also had a title of christs. Usually such annointment was only performed after a completion of a certain course of sciences of that time that only the chosen ones were allowed for, and this annointment was corresponding to a modern rank of a magister or a doctor (magister, doctor, i.e. a scientist). And in the Latin variant of gospel when apprentices of Jesus talk to him they call him magister indeed.
A word god is especially difficult in that regard because the changes it undergone during every nation’s cultural evolution were especially big.
Here, from an initial meaning of Russian word god one can see how it meant for our predecessors what we now mean with a word demigod (hero), and of course there could be many demigods, hence a plural form gods. From a consonance of an ancient Arabic name of a god: Ali and a Greek Alios - sun, one can guess how it came to an Aravia from Greece and a father of gods was imagined as a Sun in there. From an initial meaning of a Latin word deus one can easily consider how this name appeared when a supreme god, i.e. “the god of gods” was identified with a daytime, in Latin: dies (dies-name of light). This dies is just slightly different in its sound from deus of an ancient Italians and Zeus of an ancient Greeks, more so that a word Zeus in Greek can only be used in Nominative case but in Genitive and the rest it is derived from a Latin root dies. How did this dies-day turned for Greeks into Zeus in their Nominative case? Because the root for the latter word is: zao (ζάω), “I live” and so a word Zevs (or Zeus) mean living and is consonant with deus-day.
Here we can see how at some point an idea of light was interchanged with an idea of life as a basic attribute of a deity. Thanks to inability of Italians to pronounce Greek sound Z pronounced as a Polish (dz) in a word (dzen (day)), Zeus have returned to Romans with a name of E’yo’vis (Iovis). After adding a word pater (father) to it, a word E’ye’vis-pater came to be, that was shortened into Ju-piter because Latins were afraid to use a complete name of Zeus-Thundercracker in everyday life, out of fear that he would strike such daredevil with a lighting. Greek-Italian Zeus is also in an indubitable linguistic and ideological connection with a biblical title of a god Y’ye’veh (Y’YE’U’EH, JEUE) i.e. Yaveh or, in an incorrect theological pronunciation, Jehowah.
This name, just like in Latin, was scary to pronounce in full for an authors of the Bible and the Talmud and so in analogy with its Latin shortening into Yu, its shortening has occurred: either to Yu or to Ye or to Yi or staight to I. And in the Bible we’ve got all these snippets indeed, combined with other words especially. For example a word Isaiah or rather Isa-Ie means salvation of Iyovis i.e., in current pronunciation, of Jehovah, a word Joseph (=Iu-Sfe) means zeus-taken etc. One can say how a word Jesus or better I-Isus also means savior-god in translation in analogy with how Jupiter or better Ju-pater, means father-god.
But are both these translations correct? Of course not.
A word father-god makes me and probably you too, if you came out of a Christian family, to unwillingly get a modern Christian idea of a father-god as a part of some Trinity, an idea that bear absolutely no similarity with a Latin Jupiter. It would be more correct to translate a Latin-Jewish word Ievis as father of gods. In exactly the same fashion, when I was translating a Jewish word I-Isus (I-ISHE) with a meaning of a god-savior, I gave a word god not the same meaning in which authors and readers of gospel times were using it.
Turns out something like if I would try to play Beethoven’s symphony for you but on a piano whose two or three basic notes in dominating accords have changed a sound they make because of time passed. I hit re bar but a si-bemole bounces up; I hit si bar but re-dies plays instead. Instead of symphony, a cacophony plays or at least not what it was for Beethoven.
How to avoid such a hardship? It is impossible to reformat a word god back to an old manner: it would lose its modern meaning then. There’s no other way left except replacing it in translation of an ancient books with some fitting surrogate every time it is used in singular, because in plural meaning of a word gods haven’t changed much.
But finding a surrogate is very difficult here since even in the ancientry this word haven’t had any permanent meaning. It was evolving or was even used with different meaning at the same time just like a word man. Sometimes we can find it in a sense of a creature without others of his kind, sometimes-in a sense of a creature with others of his kind. In the former case it is written with capital letter, in the latter – with regular but this still doesn’t make it even the least possible to show the reader how both Greek Zeus and Latin Iovis-father (Ju-piter) and biblical Ieveh (or Yu) is the very same god that people back then were imagining as a flying wizard-demigod possessing a purely human psychology even though being able to take on any kind of appearance or even become invisible.
How to express all this in a modern language? Using descriptive expressions all the time in translation of various biblical books in which a word Ieveh is used in every line is absolutely impossible: the manner of the text in a book would become so complex that any coherent reading would become unbearable. And acting like modern translators do when they are using a word Lord every time there is a word Yeveh in a Jewish text would mean replacing its very specific meaning from an origin with different one that have very little in common with it. It turns out to be an unintentional self-deception, also conveyed to a reader.
With this difficult hardship I couldn’t find any other solution than choosing in translation of words: Zeus-in Greek books, Jupiter in Latin books and Ieveh in Jewish Pentateuch their main attributive: Thundercracker or father of gods and when translating Ieveh in books of the Prophets where it’s got a messianic sense already I’ve begun writing: the coming god.
Term Thundercracker was inseparably connected to an idea of the mightiest of all the gods, this was inevitable in case of a natural evolution of an idea of “deity”. An ancient man saw gods in the Sun (a god of day) and Moon (a goddess of night) and stars (their children) and a wind and clouds.
But these were the gods who never interfered with lifes of particular people: the Sun, the Moon, the stars were shining equally for righteous and unrighteous, good and evil people and a wind was blowing on everyone equally. Only one of the gods was making a difference between people. It was the god of thunder.
From time to time he would come flying to a certain locality and would strike one or another of its inhabitants with his fiery arrow. Why? What for? A mind of a prehistoric man came to an inevitable conclusion: for some great secret sin hidden from people. This means that this is an all-seeing god, he saw and, being outraged, he came flying to punish... We do know how prehistoric people were afraid to even come close to the one killed by the thunderstorm and were leaving him without a funeral.
This god was darkening the Sun as well as the stars with his clouds, he was forcing the tempest to carry himself on its wings. He was the mightiest of all the gods and was begun to be imagined as their father.
And then this idea was complemented in a sudden and striking way.
A horrible, destructive activity of the Vesuveus began in an Italian Campagnia and must have astonished not just Italy but also the entire cultural world that had a trade intercourse with it in those times.
This was clearly the same god of thunder who descended to earth. He was rumbling and erupting a lighting out of a huge, pinnia-shaped cloud above the Vesuveus. The ground have shaken from his descendance to the mountain and he have destroyed an entire cities at its root. What for? For some terrible sins they were indulged in. These were pagan cities, all the gods were worshipped in there but he overthrew all their images down from its pedestals and onto the ground. And then human mind came to the conclusion that this god, a Thundercracker and ground shaker, is not a father of the gods at all but a god-fighting god, battling them on the ground as well as in the heavens, driving out of there with a lighting all the gods not pleasing him, and not tolerating anyone but himself being worshipped. The godfighting movement have begun and a nation of godfighters (EM ISHR-AL – the nation of Israel) have appeared.
Not from a plains of Mesopotamia, peaceful in its nature, not from a calm Palestine or out of Sinai did the godfighting and the first ideas of monotheism have appeared but out of a rambling neighbourhood of the Vesuveus. From a viewpoint of natural science, Latin Yovis-father (Yu-piter) was not derived from biblical Ieveh-father, the god of celestial armies, but this Ieveh himself was transferred from an Italy to the Palestine and just clothed himself with eastern clothes in there. And if they will tell me how a biblical name IEVEH (Jehovah) means coming (future tense of the verb EUE – to be) I’m going to answer how in Greek Zeus also means living from verb zao (ζάω)— I live.
I understand well how unexpected the latter idea is for my reader but I will substantiate it so thoroughly later on that it will be hard to have a doubt about a right of my view. Here I just want to explain my terminology.
In a fashion, similar to how I’m going to translate a word Yeveh either as a Thundercracker god, or as a father of gods or as a coming god, depending on how an author of a certain book understand it – in the same fashion I’m going to also translate a word ALEIM (pronounced Eloim now) in the Bible according to its literal meaning “gods” because this is a plural of the word god (IM is a suffix for a plural in Jewish). And an expression of AL ALEIM I’m going to translate – god of gods but in no way as a god Eloim that ecclesiastical translators are doing wishing to shade in numerous traces of polytheism in biblical “Pentateuch”.
I understand very well how each one intrested in figuring out for hmself an origin and a history of religious ideas in Europe, anterior Asia and Egypt is not obliged to learn Latin as well as Greek and Jewish beforehand. So I avoid writing words of these languages in the text of my book with its national alphabets not known to everyone, but I’m trying to present its outlne in Russian letters. For Jewish words that I’ll have to use especially frequently here, I always avoid giving its modern pronunciation ruined by punctuation but instead I give its transcription letter-by-letter according to the following system:
some letters got secondary outline used at the end of a word

For words that do not contain vowels, for example BN (son) I make as assumption how a short sound “ee” was implied here initially, representing a vowel, frequent in all the eastern languages but not having a special outline for itself in a biblical alphabet. May be ancient nations couldn’t even pronounce consonants separately without it at all, so naturally they wouldn’t mark it.
In the same fashion, one can be sure how initial inventors of various alphabets couldn’t be bothered to ruin their invention with useless conventions or a pronunciation of the same letter in a certain way in some words and in other way in others.
Consequently letter a (Jewish Alef) was always read as ah for them, letter ee (Jewish iod) was always read as ee (or yi) and not in all the various ways as Hebraists read it now. These are late distortions of vowel reading that came when biblical language have become an international scientifical jargon and foreigners have began twisting its words.
I totally disregard modern “punctuation” of Jewish letters: it cannot do anything but a harm for a theoretical philologist as introduced as late as in The Middle Ages so I’m not using it anywhere in my book.
Hieroglyphic and wedge writing alphabets will be brought up in the same clarifying way in a corresponding places of the next volumes. But here, because of reproduction of tables of Abidos and Sakkar, I’ll make just a single notion. Hieroglyphical writing is not an initial way of human writing. It is absolutely vice versa: this is a complicated usage of a phonetical aplabet. This writing is similar to a modern rebus and consist of a presence of all the regular letters but it is complicated with an ideographical drawings.
Imagine how instead of a name, for example: “Nile god” they would write for you [“ni-LEGO-d”] and would picture a component [LEGO] with two or three [LEGO bricks] leaving the rest in a regular literal picturing. Same in hieroglyphics, instead of a Hellenized expression of ”nef-archiereus” i.e. ”Nevo (or a Mercury, a companion of the Sun) the supreme king” they would write ”Nefer-h-Re” with nefer pictured as lute (in Egyptian: Nefer), and Re would be pictured as the Sun as a symbol of the royal title. Letter х (aka k) would be the only one here remaining out of a phonetical alphabet. Rebus-like dismemberment is the only one that make nicknames of the Egyptian kings to turn up being meaningful and at the same time a strong influence of the Greek culture can be discovered in the hieroglyphics.
A circumstance which appears especially unfavorable - for this first volume of, expounded here, general critical treatment of history of The Ancient World in connection with an emergence of “consecratism” (i.e. Christianity) in it, and in a sense I’ve just defined it above – is how this first volume is not released simultaneously with the rest five volumes in which the following ones are intentionally deconstructed and then established on a new chronological basis: ancient Mesopotamic, Syrian, Greek and Italian (and also Tibetan and Hindu) cultures - and in which they are also brought to harmonization with each other and with a history of The Middle Ages, which because of it is enriched with a massive amount of new documents previously considered to appear several hundred or even thousand years earlier than they actually did.
I’ve began working on this subject, even if with an unwitting and long breaks, long ago, since 1883, but I did especially hard since the times of the Revolution, that for the first time gave me hope for publishing my conclusions unhindered. In my work I used:
1) Astronomical method for an identification of time of an ancientry’s monuments containing sufficient astronomical indication in a form of planetary combinations, solar and lunar eclipses and comet appearances. A result of this method’s research, covering more than 200 documents for me, turned out striking: all the records of Greek and Latin authors who recorded calculatable astronomical phenomenons after 402 AD were confirmed, and vice versa, all the records about eclipses, planetary combinations and about comets (I was comparing the latter ones to the records of Chinese chronologies of Sheh-Keh and Ma Tuan-lin and was calculating the combinations myself) were not confirmed but led to the dates being the later, the earlier they were considered before. Nothing have left of an ancientry beneath the beginning of our era.
2) Geophysical method which consist in review of a certain major historically-cultural facts that ancient authors inform us about and reviewing if they are possible in given geographical, geological and climatical conditions of spicified locality. This method also gave negative results beneath the beginning of our era. So for example geological conditions in a neighborhood of Tyre peninsula (where they are putting an ancient city of Tyre to) indicate physical impossibility for any kind of harbour - windproof or, in general, comfortable for large scale seafaring - to be formed here or anywhere on the entire Syrian coast from Nile estiaries to an estiary of an Asi (El-Asi; Orontes in an ancient times).
3) Materially-cultural method indicating an incongruety of many messages in the ancient history from the viewpoint of an evolution of tools of production and condition of technology like for example, building a Solomon temple deep in Palestine before the beginning of our era. 4) Ethnically-psychological method consisting in a research for a possibility to admit how certain major literaturical or scientifical compositions ascribed to an ancientry could actually appear at the stage of moral and cogitative evoluton at which a certain nation was in that time.
5) Statistical method consisting in juxtaposing repeatedly iterative phenomenons against each other and treating their details from a probability theory’s viewpoint. A sample for this method is a juxtaposition of Ra-Messu pedigree and a pedigree of a gospel Christ that is being expounded here, so are diagrammatic comparisons of reign durations of “Israel” and “Judean” kings with ones for kings of a Latin-Ellin-Syrian-Egyptian empire after Constantine I etc.
Such a slim, continuous, consecutive and natural an evolution of a human culture becomes from a new viewpoint, reader will only be able to see in the next volumes. Here I in fact just gave an introduction to them all (which also appear to be their end result at the same time).
Nikolai Morozov
Lesgaft Scientifical Institute
Department of astronomy
April 27, 1924
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2021.12.09 06:48 NewsElfForEnterprise DGAP-News: Wacker Chemie AG: Corona Pandemic: WACKER to Hold Virtual Annual Shareholders' Meeting in 2022 to Protect Participants' ...

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2021.12.09 06:48 backtosenses If you work at home as a freelancer, what’s your daily routine to stay focused and avoid procrastination?

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2021.12.09 06:48 i_Voxy Winter Supporters Club Regional Pricing Issue

Valve mentioned that there would be regional pricing for supporters club this time in the update, however im from pakistan and i have regional deductions in the steam store on various games but i dont have reduced price for the supporters club, its still $2,$10 and 20$. Is this a feature and im not supposed to have reduced prices or is it a bug?
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2021.12.09 06:48 jeffrehhhhh What could this mean? (New Note)

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2021.12.09 06:48 giugg I need a Ditto

Hi guys, I'm about to start shiny hunting and I need a Ditto in a different language for the Masada method, is there someone that has one? I'll trade you back another ditto
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2021.12.09 06:48 AwesomeDude343 Bugs I’ve encountered So Far

This game has for sure been improved drastically since launch but it still needs work. Here are the glitches/bugs that I’ve experienced so far.
• Still not being able to be revived at times • Not being able to switch to secondary for some reason • being able to be shot even while holding a up a shield; crouched and looking straight towards the enemy • iffy hit reg
I haven’t personally experienced the load out bug yet but I don’t want to jinx myself lmao
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2021.12.09 06:48 TheOpenLeague The Open League

Browser based multiplayer football manager game. Manage a club in a universe of 30 teams and 3 leagues. Negotiate player transfers, follow matches on Discord. Build your club, compete against your friends and make history. https://www.reddit.com/TheOpenLeague/
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2021.12.09 06:48 mb557x Throughout history, there may have been multiple instances where the decisions taken by a single person must have saved humanity from extinction.

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2021.12.09 06:48 Super_Satisfaction94 Shiny hunting

Good day lads,
I've some questions for hunting since I've been resetting Paklia for the last 3 days 4 hours a day and i didn't got lucky yet, i thought the odds would be 1 to 8069 or something like that.
or did they change it again? quite didn't have the track on jt
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