Addex - Cloudescape (Ilias Katelanos Remix) [Limitation Music]

2021.12.09 08:45 assagitaz Addex - Cloudescape (Ilias Katelanos Remix) [Limitation Music]

Publisher: Limitation Music
Out Date: 2021-12-07
Quality: MP3 16.67 Mb / AIFF 73.41 Mb
Genre: Deep House
Addex - Cloudescape (Ilias Katelanos Remix) / (Key Em, BPM 120, Length 6:56)​
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2021.12.09 08:45 readerseven New Zealand to ban cigarettes for future generations

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2021.12.09 08:45 reyvahx Via Verde: DECO critica aumento de preços de 50%

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2021.12.09 08:45 S12be2 EA should add more features to keep us up-to-date with the UT-Journey of our friendlist

So far the only ways to get some kind of informations about the people in my friendlist are checking their team via offline-friendlies (which is already way to complex just to quickly check a squad) and the Leaderboards which presents some boring numbers that aren't very spectacular at all. Even the possibility to check the current WL-Standings has been removed.
I would love to see a "Friends"-Tab in the menu where you can get infos about their current progress like: team, topscorer, WL results, division etc. If not an extra tab than maybe some kind of "news feed" at the bottom of the screen which could look like this(Paint Skills 3/10):
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2021.12.09 08:45 Krisma11 Delta PFE Program DD (due diligence)

I don't want to discourage people from asking legitimate questions, but recently, and understandably, there have been many people asking about the Delta PFE program. As a result I am creating a sticky thread for Delta PFE questions, along with links to the threads posted in recent months, from most recent to oldest, concerning said topic. Please use this thread or the previously posted threads, all new threads will be deleted.
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2021.12.09 08:45 ChiHongShaoRou 4 Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card on Windows and Mac

A memory card or SD card indeed works as a brilliant storage device for many users to keep their photos, videos, and other files safe. In fact, it won’t be inappropriate here to mention that SD cards are more secure to store media files than any cloud service. However, often things can still go wrong, and you might need to recover video from SD card.
SD cards are user-friendly and compact, but sometimes the files stored on the SD card can get corrupted or may be lost because of several reasons. Below are some of the most obvious reasons why you might lose videos from your SD cards:

In any of the above-listed situations, the recovery of videos and other crucial files becomes significant. However, if you are unaware of how to recover deleted files from memory card on Windows or Mac, continue reading the coming parts of the article.
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2021.12.09 08:45 Jumpy_Creme_7680 His Plans For You

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2021.12.09 08:45 erer1243 Currently, it's December 9, 2021 at 06:45AM

Currently, it's December 9, 2021 at 06:45AM
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2021.12.09 08:45 Entire-Database1679 A guy goes into a bar in the middle of the day

It's quiet and practically deserted. He sits alone, thinking about the twists and turns his life has taken. He hears a soft voice:
"Nice tie"
He looks around but he doesn't see anyone. The voice speaks again:
"Great haircut. "
A few moments later:
"Congratulations on your promotion. "
He waves over the bartender to ask her if she hears anything. The bartender says: "That's the pretzels, they're complementary."
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2021.12.09 08:45 AleksejsIvanovs Record voice while saving location

Recently bought an Instinct Solar. I'm wandering if there is an option to record a short voice message when I'm saving location via holding GPS button. I know there's no mic on that watch but I was wondering if there is some accessory that does it or maybe there os an option to launch recording app on my phone.
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2021.12.09 08:44 jince21 Hero formation suggestions needed. Numbers on them means those skills are missing. Max is Maxed, non numbered heroes means, don't have dupes or maybe one.

Hero formation suggestions needed. Numbers on them means those skills are missing. Max is Maxed, non numbered heroes means, don't have dupes or maybe one. submitted by jince21 to Lastshelter [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 08:44 BuzzfedBadRedditGood My friend on discord

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2021.12.09 08:44 TypuodyMccriouft SevereRiseGames Is On The Move. Vision To Bring Many Games Under One Token. 1st P2E Launched. Doxed Team, Audit Completed. Token Burn Each Month

Hello Everyone! 👉1 Billion Supply ✅Low Cap Project 💯Doxed Team 🔥Many Burns ✅Early entry 🚀Many Games One Token 🤝 listed at pancake swap & Azbit Exchange 🎮 P2E launched 🛡️Audit Completed As what we have promised during our last AMA with Sir DexterPlaysPH that we are going to BURN 1M SRGT every month starting the day of NFTale Release Date. We are happy to announce that we have burn 1M SRGT today! Next schedule will be on January 8, 2022. Please be guided! Thanks and Cheers! Good Day. How was your Play to Earn experience with NFTale? We want to hear your feedbacks within your first journey in the world of NFTale. Also, we would like to thank everyone for being a part of the successful launch of our Play to Earn. Your feedbacks and suggestions are much appreciated. What are you waiting for? Hop in now and try the NFTale. Grab your $SRGT tokens now🥰😊 You can now register your accounts, download the game and play! Note: 📢GOOD NEWS📢 Severe Rise Game logo and token information is updated now in Bsc Scan! You can check SRG in Bsc Scan. Solid SRG! Cheers🥂 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : 🔒 Liquidity locked :
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2021.12.09 08:44 beanDevourerboy Can't handle all at once

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2021.12.09 08:44 behaIf Yo!88 just leaked.

This shit is so hard so far
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2021.12.09 08:44 poisepoor Loves clean laundry

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2021.12.09 08:44 CakeOn29Feb Chef wanted me, the only pastry chef on duty, to do the ice cream stand when we had a party of 30 booked for the events room.

Wanted to get this story off my chest since it happened yesterday.
So I am a pastry chef at a fine dining French restaurant where I work the pastry section. Usually I'm not busy and do Mise en place for tomorrow and then closer to 9-10pm I get busy with desserts. We had 2 event rooms booked out where one of them had booked an ice cream trolley for which I had made the ice cream prior. I was expecting a waiter to stand at the trolley and just serve the ice cream since it's not that hard but the head chef had other plans.
I told him earlier that I had a lot to prepare for tomorrow's service as well as prepare 30+ desserts for the 2nd events room where all of the deserts had to leave together. He was fine with it at first but a few hours later he came over and told me to do the ice cream trolley anyway. I was thinking to myself "whatever, not my problem anymore".
As 8:15pm struck I dropped everything at my station and strolled over to the events room and started serving ice cream. For an hour and a half all I did was chat people up and serve amazing ice cream. When I came back I saw a grill chef scrambling to make deserts and the head chef no where to be found. I went to the events kitchen and I saw the head chef struggling to make 30 deserts with the sous. I took a smoke break and headed home since my shift ends 10pm sharp.
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2021.12.09 08:44 hridoy104 kyrrex

The daily trading volume is up to 30 million USD, a surprisingly good liquidity for KYRREX. Every trader can easily buy and sell their crypto quickly and conveniently.#kyrrex #DeFi #KRRX #$KRRX #presale #investing
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2021.12.09 08:44 throwamawayyo Does anyone else just want to rage?

HLM 29
I could go on about all the details of my relationship etc
I've gone through all the cycles, yes..
Have I spent many months worrying so much if I'm the asshole and letting go of expectations, "come as you are"
Yes dw still there and as much things are tough, I'm in a better place mentally and it doesn't phase me/ really gave matured and found myself. It's been.. about a year?
Does anyone else just want to rage, break things, yell into a pillow, let out that anger and physical energy?
I've never broken or punched a single thing in my life (never hit another person or would)
I feel like my rage is ridiculous yet I can't keep suppressing and taking the high ground.
Will I? Yes 😑😔
Can sometimes people be angry about things and not have to justify themselves on every level
I feel like I've gone insane at times
I would not know what to do anymore if my partner was interested in me or someone else?!
It seems foreign the idea that someone could find me attractive or desire me
I know this is all ramblings and I know the only way to find peace is to accept or leave
Can we just be allowed to feel and express our emotions sometimes 😞
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2021.12.09 08:44 krampster2 Cheap helmet or cheap headphones?

At the start of the wipe when you can only afford either a cheap headset like the GSSh or a cheap helmet (which you can't wear headphones with), which would you go for and why?
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2021.12.09 08:44 Academic_Hunter Lookin for permanent friends

Hey whoever sees this hope you’re well I’m 17 looking for some friend to chill with I have stupid humor I’m outgoing and I have a flirty personality, I don’t play much during the week but I’m on every now and then, I play avengers overwatch fall guys dbd fortnite for honor Apex PvZ, pretty much everything got every game needed in my library, I’m pretty bad shit at all of em tho 😏
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2021.12.09 08:44 Uselessmedics Light in bedroom stops working after a certain time of night

So we recently moved and the light in the study works perfectly fine most of the time, but once it gets to the evening the switch no longer works.
And that seems to be the case every night, there doesn't seem to be any other switch or timer in the room so I have no idea why
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2021.12.09 08:44 2GOOD93 Vindictive Grim -- Slain [rock] (2021)

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2021.12.09 08:44 xrpykqhs The US government asks Tesla why it allows people to play video games while driving

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2021.12.09 08:44 ArcadeTokenDev $ARC is officially launching tomorrow 🚀🎮 Who’s excited? 🙋‍♀️ Join here:

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