Vanguard squad Luko all together!

Peak ages: Bournemouth have youthful squad that could fulfil potential together. By Ahmed Shooble and Mark Carey Nov 18, 2021 3 ... Yet, with an average squad age of just 22, Bournemouth came away ... The group brings together predominantly home-based players, 19 of whom featured in the 2021 mid-year squad which was unable to play its three intended matches due to Covid-19. Glasgow Warriors back-row player Rory Darge continues in the squad from the summer after man-of-the-match performances in the opening rounds of the United Rugby ... The renewed concept involved the government employing a group of supervillains to perform missions that were suicide runs, a concept popular enough for an ongoing series titled simply Suicide Squad. The squad was often paired together with DC's other government agency, Checkmate—culminating in the Janus Directive crossover. Alcatraz Escape. The fate of three men -- Frank Morris, John Anglin, and his brother Clarence Anglin -- who made a daring escape from an isolated island prison in 1962 remains a mystery to this day. Let's get other people excited about Discord, together. Become Hype. Fill out an application so we can tell how hype you are. Receive The Goods. Depending on your hype level, receive some goodies and swag. Spread The Word. Share your hype and goodies with the WORLD. Ok ok gimme the details. Forge Squad is a cooperative crafting game for up to 4 players. In order to defeat the approaching waves of enemies, runes must be forged. The crafting consists of several steps, which can only be efficiently done together. Enemies can only be injured by towers charged with the right type of runes. KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — The ribbon was officially cut Monday for the Kershaw Connext, a new bus system that will travel through Elgin, Lugoff and Camden. The bus, which is currently operating two ... Captions for group photos are essential for when you have the whole gang together! There’s nothing better than having the perfect squad and being able to celebrate them online. We’ve collected the best Instagram captions to help you do that! Group Photos Captions Squad on Point: [adinserter block=”6″] We are the funniest humans I know ...

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2021.12.09 07:21 Hot-Yellow6046 Hey I'm streaming live my gaming from my wheelchair trying to spread some spinal cord injury knowledge. Come chat and learn about spinal cord injuries with some gaming induced rage And good yarns

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2021.12.09 07:21 allenbyNY The eyes..are nearly identical

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2021.12.09 07:21 Number_Worried00 Please, help me with my hair loss-MALE 21 (Lots of Hormones Tests included-Long Post)

Greetings! I think it's time to get some advice from this community. Well, I started balding at 16 with a very aggressive form of androgenic alopecia. I started treating the problem at 18 with topical Minoxidil. I am now 21. Through these three years, hair loss destroyed my mental health. I was searching, and I am still searching for solutions. Minoxidil worked well for one year, then I added topical Finasteride, which worked pretty well. After about five months, I added oral Finasteride too. Long story short, I am using topical Minoxidil for three years, Topical Finasteride for two years, and Oral Finasteride for almost two years. I got decent results. I can say a miracle. But since January, my hair loss got worsed again, and now I am losing all my progress, steadily. Through these years I read so much about hair loss, hormones, treatments, etc. Dozen of hours. So, I was performing a lot of blood tests, hormones, liver, etc. I will provide all meaningful hormones tests that I have done, and I will giving a small of description. The post is going to be long. *I lost a lot of weight. I have low body fat (estrogen is crashed). It was one way to reduce gyno from finasteride, going bigger. My hormones are really out of whack.
1) Baseline Hormones Tests(June/July 2019):
Testosterone:806(Normal:249-836) ng/dL
Free Testosterone:12.6(Normal:5.8-18)ng/dL
Estradiol E2:22(Normal:<60)pg/ml
(I was using only topical Minoxidil 5%)
2) After 3 months of topical Finasteride 0.05% (October 2019-I started using topical Finasteride in August 2019)
Estradiol E2:15(Normal:<60)
(Systemic inhibition from topical Finasteride. So, the new treatment was Topical Minoxidil+Topical Finasteride)
3) I started taking oral Finasteride (Propecia) 0.5mg 3 times per week early January 2020. At the end of January, I got these:
Estradiol E2:20
Estrone E1:31.9(Normal:15-65) No Baseline Here!
(So, new treatment: Topical Minoxidil+Finasteride+Oral Finasteride)
4) Started taking 0.5 mg of Propecia everyday. From 31/3/2020 I started taking 1mg daily. In May 2020 I did another test:
Estradiol E2:5 (Normal:<60)!!!
Free Testosterone:7.2(Normal:5.8-18)
Estrone E1:21(Normal:15-65)
5) June 2020 (No change in Treatment):
E2:9.5 (Normal:<60)
Testosterone:427.7 (Normal:249-836)
FSH: 5.6 (Normal:1.5-12.4)-BEFORE(JULY 2019/NO FINASTERIDE)->5.8
LH: 3.3 (Normal:1.7-8.6)- BEFORE(JULY 2019/NO FINASTERIDE)->4.9
Prolactin:5.8 (Normal:4-15.2)- BEFORE(JULY 2019/NO FINASTERIDE)->7
DHEA-S:177.4 (Normal:211-492)
D4-Androstenedione:1.99 (Normal:0.6-3.10)
17-OHP:1.03 (Normal:0.5-2.5)
3a-Diol-G:1.3 (Normal:3.4-22)
DHT:283 (Normal:250-990)
(Thyroid took a hit. DHEA-S low. As you can see, I performed 17-OHP and 3a-Diol-G for the backdoor pathway of DHT, etc. These were very important tests because of these two factors)
6) September 2020(No change in treatments):
E2:8.5 pg/ml (N.V:<60)
Estriol(E3): 0.1 ng/ml (N.V: <0,16)-Baseline
Total Testosterone: 523 ng/dl (N.V:249-836)
DHT: 383 pg/ml (N.V: 250-990)
7) January 2021: Same treatment, but I tried homemade topical Estriol Solution for about 3 months. No results of course, and I stopped using it. Estriol increased dramatically, though. Now, DHT got a rebound! Despite being on the treatments! My hair condition was getting worse! I even checked my PSA to see if Finasteride was working, but I wasn't having a baseline here, so it was difficult to tell.
E2:4.5 pg/ml (Normal Values: <60)!!!
E3:1.1 ng/mL (Normal Values: 0.0-2.0--- Systemic Absorption from topical)
Total Testosterone:495 ng/dL (Normal Values:249-836)
!!!DHT: 0.55 ng/mL (Normal Values:0.30-0.90) which is: 550 pg/mL(Back to my Baseline Levels---[DHT:541(Normal:250-990)pg/mL->Baseline])!!!!
PSA: 0.23 ng/mL (Unfortunately, I don't have Baseline Levels, since I didn't test before adding Finasteride)
8) My latest blood test. May 2021. I couldn't afford more tests, but…
Free Testo: 31.8 pg/ml (Normal:15-40)
SHBG:68.2 nmol/L (Normal:14.5-95)
3a-Diol-G:16.1 ng/ml !!!! (Normal:3.4-22)
(Wow! What a rebound here! Of course, my hair situation was far far worse. 3a Diol G is a strong indicator as you know. A strong DHT metabolite, plus: "3α-ADG correlates with level of 5α-reductase activity (testosterone and 3α-androstanediol to dihydrotestosterone) in the skin. Concentrations of 3α-ADG are associated with the level of cutaneous androgen metabolism". "The correlations in men of serum 3a-Adiol-G with chest hair density, acne, and the hairiness and acne index supports the hypothesis that the serum levels of 3a-Adiol-G reflect the extent of androgen action in peripheral tissues.").
So, I am losing from January my results steadily. While my DHT and my 3a-Diol-G are again normal. When these two were low, my hair condition was far far better. Thyroid, minerals, etc. are good. My D3 was low, I started supplementing for 5 months, but nothing to report for my hair. The problem here is this rebound of DHT and 3a-Diol-G, and of course my low E2 levels. How this rebound happened? It's all makes sense in my blood tests. I don't know if it's something like a resistance to the drug or simply it's losing efficacy. I know that hormones are fluctuating, tests not being so accurate, but this is pretty worrying, and it destroys me now that I am losing all my progress. I even tried topical Dutasteride 0.1% for 2-2.5 months. Nothing to report, but it made my donor area and sides even thinner. I suspect a huge hormonal imbalance here. Thus, I will stop using it. Maybe it's time for oral. How to approach the situation now? Believe me I could write so much more and telling you how painful and unbearable this is… Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for any mistakes in my text. Thank you very much for your time!
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2021.12.09 07:21 sobie18 Compass Mining

Does anybody have experience with Compass Mining?
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2021.12.09 07:21 UNCLEBerislav Best YouTube tutorials/channels

Just looking for the best YouTube tutorial channels to further my skills. Anything is appreciated.
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2021.12.09 07:21 kovazu After 31 days / 24 working days, I got my account back!!

I didn't even get an E-mail from mihoyo yet and the only reason I noticed is because I checked if one of my E-mail addresses was linked to the account by looking at the "Forgot password" page every day.
It seems like everything is still there and someone played on it over the last few weeks.
They didn't even change my ingame name, only deleted my friends list and pulled 6 times - 3 on the event banner and 3 on the standard banner.

The only thing that makes me a little bit sad is that I can't replay the event stuff that they've played on my account.
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2021.12.09 07:21 mandomassive Long-term Californians who have moved out of state, what is the largest culture shock you've experienced and where did you move?

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2021.12.09 07:21 CommercialBiscotti29 This gives me hope for the future

They actually listened to us and fixed a lot of problems in the game. We still need better matchmaking, fix the last 2 min of the game and they're really doubling down on the expensive skins, but at least its heading in the right direction. Maybe have the rest of these fixes for season 3 so theirs actually something to be excited about when the season launches. Either way I'm happy
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2021.12.09 07:21 Monarch_Enterprises A great design in Modular Display Units & Counters can be a much-cherished for your 🕶 #OpticalShowroom 🕶 Our Modular furniture's definitely stand out for their designs. But we also promise 🤞, it goes beyond aesthetics as well ✨ And, yes, you don’t have to follow up ⌚️ on furniture installation.

A great design in Modular Display Units & Counters can be a much-cherished for your 🕶 #OpticalShowroom 🕶 Our Modular furniture's definitely stand out for their designs. But we also promise 🤞, it goes beyond aesthetics as well ✨ And, yes, you don’t have to follow up ⌚️ on furniture installation. submitted by Monarch_Enterprises to Eyewear [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 07:21 ohlawdhecodin How do I I bind "ALT+NUMPAD1" to "{"

I'm coming from SublimeText, where I could press ALT + NUMPAD1 or NUMPAD3 to print the brackets "{" or "}"on the screen. I'm inside keybinds.json but this code doesn't work:

[ { "key": "alt+numpad1", "command": "}" }, { "key": "alt+numpad3", "command": "{" } ] 
What am I doing wwrong? When I press ALT+NUMPAD1 I get "☺", while NUMPAD2 gives me "♥" ...
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2021.12.09 07:21 literallyann W/F/L?

Me: Ride T-Rex Them: 1 Aussie egg
View Poll
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2021.12.09 07:21 Vaccinium-corymbosum Where is the best place to sell a domain?

In face of the new omicron variant I bought and domains.
Where would be the best place to advertise them for sale?
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2021.12.09 07:21 Krorg Upload issues

I have used the Hdrop and couple of my activities have not uploaded and the information not saved locally for future upload . should save locally and retry until uploaded
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2021.12.09 07:21 mr_mat15 Ouch… Sometimes you just gotta take it on the chin…

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2021.12.09 07:21 zero-skill-samus [Spoiler: 6.0] They actually revealed it much earlier and stuck to the design

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2021.12.09 07:21 JesmerFolkerts So I woke up to this... Anyone any tips?

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2021.12.09 07:21 Lephi425 Was sind eure liebsten kleinen deutschen Unter?

Hey, Ich bin soeben zufällig auf das sehr geile PferdeSindKacke gestoßen und Frage mich was es wohl noch so in der Richtung hier gibt
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2021.12.09 07:21 TheAnonyone57 Yeahhh !!!!!

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2021.12.09 07:21 adarocher Hi comunity!! We are Pink (yellow) and Floyd (grey)

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